Pluteria Store


Welcome to Pluteria store! This is the official store for the Pluteria server on Minecraft. You are able to purchase access to ranks, perks and other packages that will enhance your experience in exchange for your support. Before any purchase on our store, please ensure that you have entered in your Minecraft username correctly.

Packages that you have bought may take up to 15 minutes to be credited on the server. If you need to seek out support, please join our Discord and open up a ticket. To view your order history on our store, click here. Please make sure you read up on our Terms and Conditions before you begin browsing and purchasing from our store.

Without your continuous support, we wouldn't be able to achieve our goals and create amazing content for you all to enjoy. So with that being said, the team at Pluteria would like to say thank you to those who support us and our goal of creating an amazing server for you all!